Project #6

The idea at the origin of Project #6 was to create a yacht for a big family who wants to spend time together, and feel like home on the water.

Grandparents, parents and children should find everything they might need to enjoy family life onboard with a high level of comfort.

The challenge for YXXI was then to work with two main objectives : increase interior and exterior living areas surface, and create big volumes to make guests feel like in a house.

Length :  90.5 m  (295’)      Width :  14.8 m  (46’)      Draft :  2.83 m  (6.6’)

Guests : 18  /  Crew : 27

Indoor / outdoor communication through sliding glass walls enhances the feeling of continuity between closed and open spaces.

A particular attention has been brought to safety, and we managed to install one meter-high fences all around the decks to prevent children from falling in the water (excepted on the upper-rear and the water-level aft platforms, where additional protections can be easily added).

All rooms are equipped with electrochromatic glass windows that can be automatically or manually tinted, to protect from the sunlight and prevent the visibility from outside.

An elevator allows easy access to all decks for guests.

Style and general arrangement of interior spaces will be adapted to customer's requests.

Project description

Upper deck

The front of the upper deck is occupied by the cockpit and an exterior crew resting area.

Next to the cockpit is the captain’s room.

In the middle part of the deck stands a large fitness room with wide doors that can be opened to enjoy the breeze from outside.

Rear part of the upper deck features an helistation to allow quick and safe connections with remote destinations.

When not in use for the helicopter, this surface can be easily transformed into a basketball playground.

A folding net prevents balls from falling in the water.


Main deck

The front part of this deck is occupied by the upper living room (200 m² / 2153 sq.ft), which opens on the main terrace, a spa, and the swimming-pool.

The swimming-pool measures 10 x 5 meter (32 x 16 ft) and is 1.5 meter (4.9 ft) deep.

A sofa with a central fireplace is installed in the bow.

In the middle part of the main deck, the superstructure hides the galley, two VIP suites (72 m² / 775 sq.ft) and the owner’s suite (82 m² / 882 sq.ft).

The rear part features another spa and a sunbathing area, that can be shaded by a roller sunblind.


Lower deck

This deck is splitted in three parts on different levels, for service, private and collective use.

Front part of the deck is occupied by the anchor room and the tender garage. Folding hull doors allow easy operation for docking or tenders and water-toys management.

Middle part of this deck is dedicated to additional guests suites.

This surface can be adapted in four 75 m² (807 sq.ft) or six 50 m² (538 sq.ft) guests suites, according to owner’s demand.

At the back of the deck is the lounge living-room, featuring a 240 m² (2583 sq.ft) ground surface and a 4 meter (13 ft) living height.

This living-room is surrounded by glass walls that can be widely opened, to create a comfortable open space.

Glass panels are integrated in a steel structure, which has a “floating” mounting in the deck above, to accept yacht structure movements.

Yacht structure is reinforced by 6 vertical pillars to increase overall rigidity.

At water level, a folding swimming platform allows easy access onboard.


Crew, service and technical areas


Under the lower guests deck, in the front part of the hull are located service and technical areas.

Then comes the crew quarters, crew accommodation, laundry and other service rooms.

Rear part of the hull is dedicated to engine room and technical equipment.